Friday, April 3, 2009


Whew! That six-overtime game really took a lot out of me. Actually, that night was the start of about a two-week flu-like virus that, along with a few other distractions and diverstions, led to a period of rest for the OTP.

But now, with the UConn Final FourFest and Opening Day a raindrop away, we are, as Don Orsillio might say, back and back big. Today, I was officially hired by to be their live blogger during games this season. I'm excited for the opportunity and grateful to get back In The Pahk for a third straight season. I will also continue to freelance games for the Hartford Courant, as I did for the final two months of the 2008 season and spring training a month ago.

I will also get back to posting on this blog more than once a month. It's goin to be mostly on the Sox, but we'll also keep our eyes on St. Louis and Detroit this weekend, too.

Personally, I am rooting for UConn and Villanova today. If they meet in the final, I win the Courant office pool for the first time since 1989 (Thank you, John Clougherty).