Monday, February 16, 2009

Monty In The Hall

UConn-Pitt is the big story today at OTP, but first we must make mention of the women's edition yesterday. Not the game, which UConn won in another rout, but the tribute to senior point guard Renee Montgomery, whose No. 20 was added to UConn's Ring Of Honor after the game.

Montgomery was hardly at the top of the recruiting radar in 2004, when the Huskies signed her out of South Charleston, WV. The high school teammate of Tennessee's Alexis Hornbuckle, Montgomery caught Geno Auriemma's eye in recruiting visits as the Huskies' future point guard. And almost from the time she arrived in Storrs, she displayed the talent and confidence to become of the the all-time greats, a player who always reminded me of Syracuse legend Sherman Douglas.

Anyone who saw her performance as a freshman against Georgia in the 2006 Sweet 16 knew she was going to be a special player. Now, as a senior, she is leading the Huskies toward perhaps the third undefeated season in program history. Some might wonder why Geno decided to buck tradition and honor Montgomery while she is still a player, but no one can question her worthiness to be there.

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