Monday, February 2, 2009

Upon Further Review ... Bad Job

So I'm watching ESPN post-game and there has been no discussion -- none, nada -- about the lack of review on the final play of the game. I see the highlight of it. I see Warner's arm moving foward, getting hit, still moving forward after the contact and the ball still in his possession, then the ball coming out as the arm continues going forward. And that was not worthy of a legitimate review? Even worse, no serious discussion of whether there should have been a review? Seriously?

Not sure what it is about Pittsburgh, but there was that truly bizarre scene at the end of the San Diego game during the regular season, when a meaningless last-play TD was overruled by the booth, without any real evidence for an overturn. It didn't affect the outcome of the game, but it sure messed with the heads of those who bet on it.

Now we get this fiasco on the most significant play of the season, in what was shaping up as the most incredible finish in the league's history. Maybe it's time to rid ourselves of the "booth review" and let the coaches have a challenge in the final two minutes.

Hey, maybe they wouldn't have changed Sunday's call, anyway. But without due process, we are left with a lingering doubt, instead of a lasting memory. And that's a shame.

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