Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say Again? Another UConn-Syracuse Moment?

I joked here yesterday that I hoped Jim Calhoun didn't trip over a Syraucse player during the postgame handshakes last night, a little reference to the Geno Aureimma-Nicole Michael incident last month.

But, sure enough, Calhoun did get into it last night with a Syracuse player, Paul Harris, in the second half of UConn's 63-49 victory. Mike Anthony recaps the exchange in today's Courant, noting that beyond a few words, the incident hardly rose to the level of animosity that Geno's did. Donna Ditota also blogged the weird moment for the Syracuse Post-Standard. In fact, the back-and-forth was the topic of a laughter-filled exchange between Calhoun and Syracuse coach (and friend) Jim Boeheim during postgame handshakes.

Throw in the last-minute quarterback switcheroo at the Carrier Dome in November and that completes the UConn-Syracuse showmanship trifecta for 2008-09.

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