Friday, February 6, 2009

You Look Like You Could Use A Good Truck

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama is trying out for the Red Sox. The White House, just moments ago, announced that Obama is visiting Fort Myers on Tuesday, and as anyone who has spent time there knows, if you're not there for the Red Sox, there's really no reason to be there at all.

Maybe the President wants to make sure the Spring Training truck arrives on time. The truck was a late departure from Fenway Park this afternoon, much to the dismay of a fairly decent crowd that braved the chill to get a glimpse of the epic truck-loading. OTP was there as well, and here is our proof. Six weeks until spring? We beg to differ.

Only 59 days until Opening Day

Packing up Johnny Pesky sure was hard.

Wally greets his peeps.

Can't forget Pedroia's ATV!

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